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  • Uncover the treasures in your warehouse! Never give valuable metals to scrap again.
  • High returns for overstock and leftovers.
  • Convenient and secure sale.
  • Anonymized offer and sale


Scrap Management

Scrap Management buys scrap in corrosion and heat resistant stainless steels - stainless steel - special stainless steel - tool steel - nickel alloys - titanium - special metals - tantalum - zirconium - mixed scrap

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Cutting Service

We cut the material purchased on for you on our in-house laser, water jet, plasma systems and bar saws.

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Stock Management

Inventory Management

We are happy to take over the management of your warehouse and support you in selling your materials via our Econoxx trading platform

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Interesting offers

  • Sheets & plates Corrosion and heat-resistant steel
    1.4362 - 2304
    Sheets & plates
    €4.93/kg View more
  • Round bars Nickel-based alloys
    Round bars
    €16.95/kg View more
  • Sheets & plates Nickel-based alloys
    Sheets & plates
    €17.72/kg View more

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